I remember as a young boy, going to work with my Dad on his Dugans route in Westchester County, New York. I remember parts of White Plains , Valhalla and other areas, names of which escape me now. On a day when there was no school, I'd be awakened early for the long trip down Route 100 from Brewster in the darkness. Helping my Dad load the truck, by the time we were done I was fully awake and into a box of donuts in the back. Off we went, from Deli to small Mom & Pop grocery stores. No Supermarkets in those days. Surrounded by all the bread, boxes of cakes and pastries, donuts and cup cakes in the back of that truck it's no wonder I ended up with a sweet tooth. My Dad put in 25 years as a driver, and retired before the demise of the company.

   I decided to create this site for all the other people out there that have memories of Dugans. Many people hador have relatives or knew someone that worked for Dugans, or just remember the great baked goods they sold. Dugans at one time was one of the largest Bakery companies in the New york- New Jersey area, spreading out into Pennsylvannia and Connecticut. So I know there has to be many people out there with memories. Mine because I was so small, are pretty faint and I am asking you to share yours with me and with others.


   Please use the message board to relay your Dugan's memories and stories.

  What I don't have and would like to have people do is  send in  photos that I can post in a gallery.  Pictures of Dugans trucks, your Dad in his uniform or a picture of a Dugans Bakery plant.  Does anyone still have a Dugans cake box laying around? That would be a treat to see.

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